The iPod: The World in Your Hands


The iPod changed the world of electronics and opened the door for other inventions. The iPod is known everywhere you go around the world. It has changed how people see media. Not only is it a musical device, but it is able to do a number of different functions. 
Modern culture has been greatly affected by the iPod. In some cities around the world they have banned people from listening to their iPod's while driving. You can look around the mall and see lots of teenagers 'plugged in' to their iPod's. Some people say that they would die if you took their iPod away from them. Apple created what some people would call an obsession for the iPod. 
Apple comes out with a new iPod frequently. Sometimes the new iPod is exactly the same as the previous one with just a different look. There is no way other companies could compete with Apple. With the millions using the iPod already, the other companies would have to create something amazing to get the attention from people all over the world. 
The iPod is an astounding invention. The first iPod was created in 2001. Nine years after that first spark the company is still making new iPod's. They just keep coming and coming. Even with other products similar to the iPod, Apple is still at the top of the market and the invention has made it's way into the history of electronics. The innovation the iPod has had on the world is shocking and still continuing, which says just how great this invention is.