The iPod: The World in Your Hands

Historical Context

Before the 1st iPod there were a lot of music devices being used. They were not quite as efficent as the iPod, but some are still around today. The Cd player is still used by many people and was being used when the iPod came out. 
Then there is the MP3 Player. This is very similar to the iPod. But MP3 players are just like iPod shuffles because they are small and play music at random. There are some MP3 players that will let you choose what song to listen to, but most are just played in the order you downloaded them onto the MP3 player.
There were many music devices used before these also. Some of them were: the cassette player (1963), boombox (1976), portable cassette player (1979), and the home theater system (1982). While some people may still use those, most of the population has moved onto the iPod. 

Some Music Devices Used 
Before the iPod